Think about the most effective and ineffective groups to which you have belonged

The file called "Principles Handout" is one that you can use with your groups. It contains a short summary of the eight core design principles, and a helpful 'spoke' diagram that they can use to complete and discuss.

To prepare for the first class, please print off the handout, and have a think about the best and worst groups to which you have belonged. They might have been school, community, work, sporting, family or any other sort of group.

Then, using the spoke diagram on the fourth page, fill in your ratings for a group that you thought was fantastic and a group that was not so great. You should end up with two 'spider diagrams' a little like the example on the last page of the handout.

What did they do differently on the principles? Maybe include one example of a practice that worked particular well and which principle it reflected.

What questions does this raise for you about the principles? What did you learn from the process? Come prepared to discuss this in the first class.