Assignments for the course

After our second class session I will ask you to practice the individual matrix with someone. So you might like to think of who might be willing to spare half an hour to an hour for you to practice. Most people really enjoy the process because they get an opportunity to talk about themselves and explore an issue that matters to them. You can invite them by saying something like: "I am doing a course on helping groups collaborate. As part of that course, I am learning a technique to help individuals get clear on their values and goals in relation to an issue they care about. Could I practice with you?" If you are feeling really bold, or if you have had experience of the ACT Matrix before, this is a great opportunity to try out doing the individual ACT matrix with a small group. You will need a little longer if you decide to do it in a group. We will be talking about your experiences in class.

Between the fourth and fifth class sessions I will ask you to practice the group matrix with a group of at least 3 other people.  If you have a group you would like to practice with, you might want to organize a time now that would be mutually suitable. You will need from 1 to 2 hours depending on how deeply you want to go with them on the topics. If you do not have a group to work with, don't worry, we can talk about it in class and you may be able to do it virtually with some of your friends from the course.

You will be asked to report back to the group in week 5 on how you went so keep some notes on what you did, what worked, what you would do differently next time and any questions you have.

Planning for a group report:

The major assignment for the class will be due two weeks after the final session, although you will find it beneficial to have at least a rough copy drafted in time for the final session so that you know what questions to ask. For the assignment, please briefly address the following questions:

  1. How do you plan on using PROSOCIAL first? Please specify a context or group where you would like to apply and practice the ideas.
  2. Broadly (100-200 words) how do you plan on running the process? Who will be involved, where and when will you meet, what will you do during the meetings?
  3. What do you need to do to prepare for the session? (e.g. personal preparation, readings, run-sheets, handouts, notifications to participants).
  4. What concerns if any do you have regarding the process? What could you do to help manage your concerns?
  5. How will you use the long or short PROSOCIAL survey, or the survey of the CDP’s in the process?
  6. What questions remain for you about what to do?