Welcome to the course!

Welcome to the PROSOCIAL facilitator training course.

This 6 week training will give you everything you need to begin facilitating groups to improved cooperation using the Prosocial process.

The course is designed to give you a simple but highly effective set of tools for mobilising deep change with individuals and groups. In particular, it will help you help groups to become more purposeful, equitable, inclusive, accountable and harmonious, even if they have experienced conflict or disengagement.


Week 1: Overview and introduction to PROSOCIAL: Readings and experiential exercises to introduce Prosocial's 8 Core Design Principles for effective collaboration.

Week 2: Doing the individual matrix with groups: A detailed introduction to the ACT Matrix and how to facilitate it in groups.

Week 3: Consolidating the individual matrix in a group setting. Having flexible conversations: Creating psychological flexibility in groups. A case study of Prosocial in Scotland's National Health Service

Week 4: Bringing the core design principles to life with the Collective Matrix: How to facilitate the collective matrix successfully to build shared purpose and identity. An introduction to the assessment tools you can use to diagnose and assess your group's progress. More case studies of successful implementations

Week 5: Other ways to explore the Core Design Principles using the Collective Matrix.

Week 6: Pitching Prosocial to groups with whom you might work. Consolidating your learning so that you are ready to apply the course.