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“If you are thinking about learning about how to make the world a better place for you and your clients then enrol in the Prosocial course. Paul is the real deal and a master of collaboration.”

Peter Anthony - Facilitator

“Learning PROSOCIAL has given me the skills and confidence to design and facilitate team building sessions that go beyond awareness and education to achieving real and sustainable behaviour change in a group context through its application of Acceptance and Commitment Training principles and Ostrom's Core Design Principles. With PROSOCIAL I have found a way to have conversations that I probably would have found hard six weeks ago. "

Lucy Lyons - Organisational Psychologist Air Services Australia

“I have found both the process and the products of this course to be so very useful. Paul embodies being prosocial in how he shares his knowledge, showing participants how Prosocial feels on the way to understanding how it works.”

Kirsten Peterson - Head, Australian Institute of Sport Performance Psychology

“The course was an exciting adventure into combining a number of key concepts into something truly impactful and practical. And it was great fun!”

Garth Britton - Director and Management consultant

“Prosocial has shown me how to teach others to work cooperatively. It provides a process to develop high performing teams that are effective, supportive and values led. The PROSOCIAL course was a reminder of the power of groups and co-operation. It gave me hope for a better way. The PROSOCIAL course provided a structure to work with groups to improve co-operation to improve performance. Paul modelled PROSOCIAL in teaching the course. He was inclusive, collaborative and authentic. He showed us how to be vulnerable, flexible and empowering. Paul provided good examples of how to facilitate the core design principles within the different groups in which we worked. I recommend this course to those working with groups and those seeking to create an environment for group members to thrive.”

Kristine Dun - Sport Psychologist